Commercial Frames

Here are some links to companies that sell show modules and frame libraries:

Anthropomorphic Productions - 3D shows, custom digital & cell animation.
Argon Attraction - Custom cell frame animation. ($2/frame)
Atomic Lasers - ILDA format frames.
DTL Lasertechnology - 17 beamshows, 4 graphic shows, also custom shows.
East Coast Control Systems - Shows for planetariums.  Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin available.
FirstLight Laser Productions - Stock frames, stock & custom shows for planetariums & other venues.
International Laser - They have a ton of frames & shows available on CD for a reasonable cost.
Laser City Studios - Extensive library of frames & animations, Stock & custom shows too.
Laser Enterprise - Full length planetarium shows.
Laser Entertainment srl - Custom laser shows.
Laser Fantasy International - Stock & custom frames & shows.
Laser F/X International - Clip-art frames & animations.
Lightspeed Design Group - Stock frames, stock & custom shows, 3D shows.
Pannon Laser - Complete shows on CD-ROM with music.
Singularity Arts - Scientific and astronomical shows and imagery for planetariums and science centres.
Strictly FX - Custom frames and beam shows for corporate presentations.
Trick Design - Laser clip-art.  (comes with LD2000).
YLS Entertainment - Laser Media to ILDA format frame conversion.

If your company produces frames or shows, and would like to be listed here, please email us!


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