Laser Safety Considerations

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The following is not intended as a comprehensive laser safety rundown!  It is just a rough basic list of some of the dangers and necessary precautions inherent to lasers.

-All lasers are dangerous, thus following key rules and regulations is
-As well, different countries place different regulations on laser shows so play safe and look into it before you begin!
Eyes: Lasers are extremely bright, and will damage your eyes if looked directly into, so never do it!
Skin: You can burn yourself with a one watt or higher powered laser .   
Electrical: A couple of people die each year from laser related electrocution.  Most medium and high power lasers run off of 208+ VAC and many use 3 Phase power.  When the laser is water cooled, additional dangers exist.
Fire: You have to be careful of stray beams, and where they go, as curtains and even more solid materials aside from metal can be a potential fire hazard. 

There are different rules and regulations for laser safety and standards for different countries.  For North America, here are some links to governmental departments in charge of that.  Canada - USA

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