LaserPainter Live!

New, innovative semi-pro software package

Now as ValuePack incl. frame CD

LaserPainter Live! is the new software revolution from MediaLas Germany. Based on the LaserPainter for HotBoard, MediaLas developed a new and affordable software package with extended features. Written for Windows-PCs, the LaserPainter Live! offers lots of animation features for an ultimate low price.

The editor of the LaserPainter. Optimized tools like square, circle, line, polygon, freehand, text etc.

Area manipulations of different kinds, move, scale, rotate, etc. Move single points or point groups. 

Import of bitmaps for background picture. Adjustment of point density, edge delay etc.

Import of ILDA frames.

The Animator. Program your animations and cartoons in an easy way. Just put together pre-done frames with movement sequences on the run-line. Morphing, rotations, scrolling, running texts etc.

The animation is precomputed and can be played back every time by using the play-function of the Animator. A merge-program allows to merge different predone animations to one sequence.

The effect-editor inside the Animator. Here you can chose your animations or movements via sliders. Mix different kinds of movements and preview it on the preview window.

An absolut novum in that class: The realtime geometric corrector. 

The RealAct! Live interface. Play 48 animations by pressing the F-keys in realtime! Watch animations on the computer screen via mouse-over function.


Runs on the PC, with an included I/O Board, download the demo version: here.

Visit the publisher's website: here

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