After we got our whitelight laser, we decided to get Pangolin's package, as it is the most widely used software in the industry, and I had heard good things about it.  The latest incarnation with the completely redesigned LD2000 card has certainly lived up to the rumors. 

It might seem a bit expensive, with different versions of the software running from $ 2,000 to $ 7,000 USD, but the laser business is a bit pricey to get into, and when you have a $ 30,000 laser system, why not have comparable software to control it?  After all, you really do get what you pay for with Pangolin.

LD2000 has a few different modules.  The drawing module has both 2D paint and 3D CAD tools.

The LIVE module is designed with performance in mind, and lets you trigger preset cues with the keyboard and mouse or optional lasershow performer console.

The Showtime module is a timeline editor that lets you choreograph, integrate and plan all aspects of your show.

One feature that I really love, coming from a video background, is Pangolin's support of real-time raster video support, thanks to a licensing arrangement with Medialas.

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I'm not going to really get into things here, as there is just too much to tell.  You will really have to visit their 
site to fully begin to comprehend the possibilities of this wicked package.

Available for the PC only, will not run without a LD2000 card in your system.

Visit the publisher's website here.

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