Atari Video Music

Pix and more info coming soon!

-Atari's Video Music was developed by Bob Brown, and was originally introduced in 1978. -Wood-grain-sided, silver-faced thing that looks like a piece of stereo equipment with too many buttons. It takes a couple RCA ins and spits out a colorful, low-res interpretation of the sounds you feed it onto your TV. It has a lot of adjustable parameters--gain, color, contour, what kind of abstract images you want dancing on your screen and in what sort of matrix.

-It looks like a small 70's home stereo amp, but you run two audio signals in and get relative x and y coordinate pumping Navajo-blanket-lo-res-rainbow graphics out of your telly! You need a RF modulator just like for your ATARI 2600, which came later, actually. Devo VideoHits video has one of their early video's w/blue-screened background using one of these. -Don't know how many were made, coveted on the classic videogaming circuit.

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