AudioVisualizers VSYNTH Development
We're searching high and low, pulling circuit tidbits from various places and bringing them together, module by module to gradually publish an array of public domain video synthesizer and related schematics. We aim to promote new development for hardware based real-time image processing, and creation devices. More info to come soon. We are also offering kits as a service to those of you who aren't too technically oriented. Currently things are in the works, but there are two offerings available by request:

-AV/FX: complete kit with printed circuit board and all parts other than power supply and enclosure. Performs realtime image processing on NTSC or PAL signals: solarize, negative, video paint, quantization, B&W, & more.
$150 USD.

-A2V AudioVisualizer: pre-wired kit, just add power supply, switches & enclosure. Breaks an incoming audio waveform into: low, mid & high components, and routes each to separate VCO's that produce realtime abstract imagery with multiple colors and patterns controlled potentiometer settings and music input factors. $250

More info on these two kits can be found in our store.

-AV16 Video Wall controller: available as free online design/instructions (soon), or as a complete or partial kit (soon, est: $150) This unit enables multiple images to cycle in over 200 patterns (spiral, checkerboard, waves, & more) with adustable direction, speed, image follow, and strobe settings on a 4 by 4 matrix of C-64, 1702 composite video monitors or similar. Currently in prototype form, am modifying to allow switching during vertical refresh, for glitch free switching.
-AVM 2 Video Mixer:  I admit, it, I have not gotten around to this.  If you are technically inclined, please view some of the single-chip video mixing schematics, available in our madlab pdf area.  

I'm really enthused right now about the ongoing development of my custom vidsynth. Initial plans incorporate 3 video mixing circuits, allowing routing of any one of the 6 inputs or 3 outputs to any one of the 6 inputs. I'll post full details and diagrams in the near future. If you have any video design engineering experience, please email me, as I need someone to check over my circuitry design, as I'm a little rusty at all this.

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