The Electric Music Box can be configured to serve a variety of applications, including electronic music composition and performance, music education, psychoacoustic studies, environmental control, special effects generation, bio-feedback research, and video synthesis. Buchla and Associates can supply systems, auxiliary equipment and complete studios to suit these and other applications. For further information, please contact Buchla and Associates.
DIRECTED BY DON BUCHLA, the 400 development team includes composers and performers as well as experts in man-machine interface, electronic design, computer science, and psycho-acoustics. Mr. Buchla's professional background includes space biophysics research, multimedia composition, the performance of avant garde and traditional music and the design of both acoustic and electronic instruments. As a Guggenheim fellow, he recently completed research in interactive performance-oriented computer music languages, and as an NEA fellow, he is currently designing instrumentation and music for a hundred piece electronic orchestra.

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