Buy / Sell / Trade Area

I used to update this area sporadically with info from people who were interested in buying, selling or trading video synthesizers, real-time video generation or processing equipment, and related technologies.  However, I have recently set up a classifieds area section that allows you to post your own ad.  You can specify whether you want to buy or sell an item, etc.    The new classified section is here.

Albeit a unique interest, this section has worked out well for people interested in isoteric video hardware. If you have something collecting dust, or seek something from within the great closet beyond, don't hesitate to reach out!


Ongoing:  As funds allow, I want to purchase anything you have to offer in this realm, for our MadPsy lab, to be used by visiting video artists.  Contact us please if you would consider parting with your treasures, or know of someone who might:
-Specifically we are willing to pay up to $6,000 USD + for a Spectre.
-We also seek a Paik/Abe for our videolab, price negotiable.


- has a CVI+ for sale, SFr:$ 2,500. Also has CVI manuals for sale, SFr:$170

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