CALArts VideoGrapHics LAB

The CalArts Videographics lab is part of the film & video department, and was put together by Michael Scroggins. A bevy of unique analogue videosynth tools can be found in the lab.

Current Lab contents include:
-a Hearn Videolab
-an Optical Electronics, Inc. raster processor (a really souped-up Wobulator)
-Two ARP 2600 audio synths
-Perhaps a Paik-Abe video synth. (yet to confirm)

Aaron Ross, a former student, will try to take some photos of the gear the next time he is in the area. He also has the EAB panel diagram around somewhere.

More info to follow in the near future. In the mean time, any students, or others associated with the lab, able to provide further info, please submit it to us!

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