Chromaton 14

The Chromaton 14 was designed and manufactured by Ralph Wenger in 1977, and released by BJA Systems, originally selling for $ 9,500 USD each. There were 120 units sold, but today less than 8 working units are known to exist. The Chromaton 14 is a fairly small video synthesizer, approx 18 by 18 inches square. It includes 2 camera inputs with color quantizers, but can also generate fairly complex color images without any external inputs. It is an analog system that is programmed with an array of switches and knobs. Each unit has 6 pattern generators, 4 colorizers, 2 independent motion generators. Looks like the dashboard of a '56 Chevy, lots of single gate TTL logic inside. All front panel controls run off 5V DC, thus they are quite suitable for voltage control or computer control.

Close up of the rear panel

Close up of the keyer



Owners List:
-David Eagan - - webmaster - my unit is luckily fully working.
-Benjamin Green - now owns my stock unit - although is trying to get it repaired.
-Daniel R. Mahoney, has one that is broken and needs repair...he may want to sell it?
-Kai Hoffman 
-Matt Black of Coldcut (info to follow)
-Todd Rundgren
-have to confirm, but I think Dan Slater has one.

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