Experimental Television Centre

The venerable Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY, run by Ralph and Sherry Hocking. They own: David Jones' custom modules: colorizer, sequencer, oscillators, etc., and a Paik Wobulator. They at one point had a Paik-Abe, although I'm not sure if it's still functional at this time. ( It was built by Nik Williams ) To the best of my knowledge, they received a Sandin IP a few years ago & they may also have a Rutt-Etra. I will clarify all the details when I contact them in the near future.

ETC Equipment Listing:

Jones 8 Channel Sequencer:
Has 8 inputs, 1 output, with 3 modes: manual vertical interval switching, voltage controllable sequential switching using external clock, & 3 bit binary control switching.

Jones Luninance Keyers
3 input keyers with 3 position clip select; key on/off, normal/reverse & clip level controls. Voltage controllable.

Jones 6 Channel Colorizer
Each channel has gain, pedestal control and can add a single hue, chosen from a red, green, or blue color mixer, to the video signal using a saturation control. Signal fed to a keyer or any channel can be used as clip. Voltage controllable.

Paik Raster Control Unit
Rescan system with 3 sets of distortion patterns controlled by oscillators. It is not capable of animation or ADO-type effects.

Jones Frame Buffer
Low resolution Black & White buffer with 1 video input, 1 clip input & 1 output. Pseudocolor on each of the 16 shades of gray from a palette of 4096. 32 pages of memory. Images can be saved and loaded. Can be used stand-alone or with the Amiga. Controls include include gain, pedestal, clip, key on/off & normal/reverse.

Voltage Controlled Amplifiers
3 units each with: 1 input; gain and pedestal controls; positive and negative control; gain voltage input and attenuator for voltage control.

4 input mixer with maser gain and pedestal; master gain control, voltage input and control voltage attenuator.

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