ric Hornor

Ric Hornor built a video synthesizer in graduate school, ( more info to follow in the near future ).

Ric Hornor, runs Electric Canvas, a service organization involved in the creation of interactive communication and electronic art and video. His involvement with technology and the web really grew out of his interest in fine art and manipulating video. That led to his involvement with special effects projects that aired on MTV and on TV commercials. He also got into the creation of stuff like flying logos for corporations - that piqued his interest in computer graphics and animation. It then seemed like a natural progression to take his experience with traditional art and move it onto the Web."

And that he did. The Electric Canvas website, found at www.electric-canvas.com really typifies the kind of art you can put on the Web and the kinds of ways to present an information portfolio that offers a no-frills, no plug-ins approach. He did that on purpose, because most people still don't have those abilities on their computers."

For more information, contact Electric Canvas, 1001 Art Rd., Pilot Hill, CA 95664, call 916/933-3990, or send e-mail to ric@electric-canvas.com

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