Lear Siegler's vsynth

-:Lear Siegler was a large aerospace company that built, among other items, television equipment, not a person.
This system was used in the film "Andromeda Strain" to produce the crystal growth patterns. This unit was given by Douglas Trumbull to Dan Slater while they were working together. The most interesting feature was that it operated at up to a 2000 line resolution. It was more a video processor than a video synthesizer. Another unique feature was that the sync generator was quite programmable to all manner of scan rates and interlaces.

-says that the lear seigal unit went to a film production company around 1980. I don't know who has it
now. I will have to see if I can find the manual and see if there is any copyright issue. I only have a copy of part of the manual, just the intro /
overview section. Most of the rest of the manual was schematics, etc. I think that some was written about this system in the American Cinematographer magazine when they had a special issue on the Andromeda Strain movie.

Owner History:
-Originally built by Lear Seigler Industries, sold to a production company for use by Douglas Trumball.
-Given by Trumball to Dan Slater.
-Sold by Slater to a production company.
-Current whereabouts unknown.

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