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"I have built a number of video synthesizers over the years. The system I am currently using is called the NTSC 34. It is a modular synthesizer using 12 modules. It can generate its own video or modify video from another source. It can generate video in responce to an audio input . The 12 modules are VCLG, VCCG, ADDS, MSG, MIX, LI, CI, LHSG, LVSG, CPS, CHSG, CVSG."

"The Video synth is something I've been working on both as a hobby and as a commercial product. The general idea is to design a device that will connect to the audio output of your stereo and to the input of your TV set. Shapes and patternes will dance around on the screen in step with the music. The colors change in relationship tothe pitch of the audio signal an pattern to the dynamics of the stereo signal. The device also will have a video input jack so that video input into it can be modified in relationship to the inputed audio signal. The NTSC 34 is a modular system in order to find out what works and doesnt work in order to develop a stand alone video synthesizer. What are you looking looking for in a video synth? What should it do? Thanks. -Dan"

He eagerly wants to correspond with others working on similar things.

Update from Dan on: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 18:34:03 EDT

I enjoyed looking at your video synth site. Im glad you put togeather such a wide variety of information on this obscure subject. I continue to work on real time analog/hybrid video synth. I have just accuried an EAI analog computer which i hope will allow me to model mutch of what ive learned with the ntsc 34 and do so much more. I have also incorperated a Neuronics brain wave monitor into the mix. This will alow the visual images to be adjusted by the human brain,or maybe my cat junior! Anyway it turns out that the area of video synth is a great platform for developing new technologies. I am convinced that smart machines can not be built on a digital platform. Hope to be able to send you some pictures of some of this stuff soon if interested for your web site.

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