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The Scanimate is an analog computer system that was built by the Computer Image Corporation of Denver, Colorado in the late sixites and early seventies. To the best of my knowledge, only about a dozen machines were produced. It was used on many famous jobs over the years, and many of the people that were involved with its development, operation, and care and feeding have gone on to do significant things in a variety of places all over the world. Dave Sieg, the owner of the dedicated homage site link above, first became involved with Scanimates in 1979 when he was a maintenance engineer at Image West, in Hollywood, California. He now have the dubious honor of owning and maintaining a working Scanimate system, and it has set him thinking about all the people that "cut their teeth" on Scanimates.

I have received much email late from others who have worked extensively with Scanimate's, and I will shortly post brief info, and related linx.

Some MPEG's produced by the system: 1 2 4 5 6 7

Special thanks to Dave Sieg, where the photo's above were taken from.

Fall 2003 Update:
Dave has recently completed a DVD of 2 hrs of Scanimate, Animac, CAESAR, SYSTEM IV and VersEFX footage.
I just ordered a copy myself, and am really looking forward to it.  You can buy it for $20 here.

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