Tom Sherman

Tom Sherman is an artist and theorist currently living in Syracuse, New York, USA, where he is an Associate Professor in Syracuse University's School of Art & Design. Sherman is best known for his video art and writing about person/machine relationships. In 1974 he invented the Art Style Computer Processing System, a digital video synthesizer for interactive cable television. In 1981, with his video "Transvideo", he described and critiqued the 'information superhighway' in considerable detail. In 1983 he published "Cultural Engineering", a comprehensive examination of the conflicts between the individual and state in a democracy held together by electronic media. That same year he founded the Media Arts Section ( launching the Computer-Integrated Media program ) of The Canada Council, Canada's federal agency for support of the arts. In 1997 he was the moderator for FleshFactor - NetSymposium at the Ars Electronica Festival. From 1988-89 he was the founding Director of the Centre for Image and Sound Research in Vancouver, British Columbia. Throughout the 1990's Sherman has continued his experiments with voice and image recognition systems and he has spent a lot of time and energy talking to machines as an end in itself. Recently he has been a frequent on-air contributor to Kunstradio, a radio art program aired by the ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.

Tom Sherman
Syracuse University
Department of Art Media Studies
102 Shaffer Art
Syracuse, NY 13244-1010

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