Transkameleon of Vform

The Transcam is a visual synthesizer of syncronous images generated by a realtime sound input. It was developed for the creation of visual effects for use in concert, which transform via a complex oscilloscope-like color multichannel filter set, the sound frequencies in lines colored with variable forms. The lines are then reproduced in more complex images by a set of mirrors.

Two Panasonic WJMX-50 video mixers supplement the signal treatment to bring the images created, to a multitude of effects which can be projected for public display and recorded. To simplify the task of the operator, 500 different visual effects are contained in memory banks, to be recalled instantaneously to compose original creations.

The control console setup: - 2 PANASONIC WJMX-50 video mixers, a control
panel for visualization & centering of the effects, 2 Sony monitors, a SVGA monitor,
a YAMAHA ms202 audio mixer
The rackmounted system: Their proprietary multimedia control software:
Soundcraft Spirit Pro Tracker, running on a Pentium 200 PC, which also
backs up the effects. - The CPU for the realtime processing of the audio &
video signal of the Transcam, - 2 monitors, A MPEG2 video player to stream
realtime video sequences in conjunction with the Transcam - the core fly
box containing the optical system and the mirrors for the Transcam.

Contact info: Utram Paris Branch, 10 Rue Raymond David, 92240, Malakoff. Tel#: 01 40 92 50 00 , Fax#: 01 40 92 50 01 ,

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