Hearn Videolab

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Thanks much this far to Aaron Ross for scrounging details for me. Hopefully Aaron will be able to dig up
his patch diagram/panel layout for the unit in the near future. Thanks to John Hawk at the CalArts
School of Film and Video for upcoming info on this and other units in the CalArts VLab.

The VideoLab was built by Bill Hearne, and came in a modular rackmount configuration. Banana jacked
patch cables were used to route the different signals. The VideoLab was adopted by Todd Rungren in his
upscale Woodstock studio where he used it to make some fairly ghastly but novel pre-MTV rockvideos.
Rumour has it that he also drove Hearn nearly insane as I remember, as others were also bugging Bill to
finish up their own VideoLab's at the same time. According to Michael Scroggins, and another person,
Bill Hearne would not give schematics to anyone, for fear of someone stealing his ideas.

Known owners: CalArts -F116 Basic Video Graphics course uses a EAB videolab vsynth
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