Walter Wright   

Sherman WALTER WRIGHT is a video artist and member of the Boston area collective VideoSpace. He was once an unlicensed architect. He became a professor of film, video and computer graphics as well as a video animator, and software engineer. He is a co-founder of 911 Gallery. One of the first video animators, he worked at Computer Image Corp in the early 70's, & later at Dolphin Productions, he operated a Scanimate. While at Dolphin, Ed Emshwiller and him worked on Thermogenisis and Scapemates together, and he also made several tapes on his own.  His tapes were shown regularly at the Kitchen, where he was an assistant director.  In 1973-76, as artist-in-residence at the Experimental Television Center, NY, he pioneered video performance touring public access centers, colleges and galleries with the Paik/Abe video synthesizer.  He also worked with the David Jones colorizer & Rich Brewsters sequencing modules. These various modules were based on David's design for voltage controlled video amps and became the basis for the ETC studio. He was there when Don McArthur built the SAID. Woody Vasulka and Jeff Schier were close at hand building computer based modules in Buffalo including a frame buffer with ALUs built in, mixers, keyers and colorizers. Wright also worked with Gary Hill at Woodstock Community Video, where they had a weekly cable show of live video/audio synthesis. 

Wright has developed his own performance video system, the Video Shredder, and uses it to mesmerize
audiences wherever and whenever he can. He's getting quite good at it. His mission is to create a new music of sound and image. He has performed
throughout the east coast of the USA and Canada at art galleries and museums, schools and colleges, media centers, conferences and festivals.

Walter Wright
Computer Arts Center
Massachusetts College of Art
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115



some pix of Wright's recent output:
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