Software of interest to VJ's

Includes videosamplers, sound to light progs, eyecandy, & more!
I've decided to add related soft, that is not directly VJ/eyecandy soft, such as visual to auditory progs as well:

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PC-compatible Latest version of original EC prog, wicked. Random walk color cycling prog. no options, not so good. AESTESIS: original DOS ver - tons of options! - wicked!!! AESTESIS: ver: 1.10 - Wicked VJ video synth prog, translates sound to visuals, 3DFX required. AESTESIS: plug-in software developers toolkit AESTESIS: Wicked blob/vector plug-in!!! AESTESIS: Version 1.11 - Now has ChromaKeying! AESTESIS: Latest version of 5 Star VJ software adds vid cap & more - The demo version of a great laser frame editor/converter package
axisdemo.exe axis visuals demo, prelude to main prog, worthwhile!!! forget at moment...have to update this Color Fusion beta - kinda cool acid warp'esque psychelic plasma cycling prog Trial Ver of videosampler from motiondive people - website CTHUGHA, FFT sound to visual prog. 3DFX version CTHUGHA, wicked sound ocilloscopish interpretation prog!! CTHUGHA, winamp visualization plugin module Kaleidoscopic interplay of light and sound via particle generators controlled by sound input Chroma zone screensaver demo - ever changing psychedelic screens, not so cool...
ddna95.exe Dancer DNA sound reactive organic art demo - slick organic art prog for VJs/clubs
ddna98.exe Dancer DNA, Evolutionary VJ sound to visual prog, unlockable demo, newer version Digital Dreamware by HEX, interactive & good pix! Japanese word and picture association animation, flash format, very fluid, impressive! Japanese animated dedication, in screensaver format, good visual overlay for keying. VJ DeMoTracker - Latest version, finally an ENGLISH interface select option forget at moment...have to update this Silicon Trip, ethnobotanical Elements weird plasma program
filters1,2.exe psychedelic custom filter sets for photoshop Pretty cool 1-30Hz brainwave flasher program Cycle fractals to MIDI input and more Very Cool sound to vision prog GEM, Win95/NT full ver , Highly Recommended Realtime Visuals Library for PD sound to visuals program, limited functions, but has potential Japanese custom VJ software: VJ DeMoTracker. newer ver above ""
kaleido.exe Win/95 So-So KaleidoScope to music screensaver
kinegl21.exe Synesthesofts's Kinemorphic OpenGL-3D screensaver prog -goes to CD KINEMORPHIC: Theme pack for kinegl21.exe Laser show software from John Voltz - converts DXF to ILDA, & more features. MIDIART the live portion uses midi top drive abstract generators which produce graphic output Mandala EC prog...forget, have to update this
md152upd.exe Motion Dive Japanese VJ soft v1.52 update, need main prog though Bomb organic life visual synth, mini ver w/o src have to update, simple plasma cycler I think Masque's Multimedia Kaleidosonics, wicked image fx/warps!! A wicked demo version of some new realtime video processing software!!!! - MIDIART the player portion Psychedelic screensaver from makers of Aestesis Wicked non-interactive AV sync demo, from Aestesis!!!! simple 3D screensaver from Aestesis makers A real-time computer music software package resembling MAX - The base prog for GEM - NT ver
pfire.exe Self-extracting archive - cool particle generator/fire simulator programme Strictly a rotating moire pattern. Does nothing else.ok~ Synesthesofts's Psychedelic Screensaver (unreg) -goes to CD, pretty cool prog Pretty darn cool animated kaleido prog have to update...simple plasma cycler? Rave fractal'ish kaleidoscopic color cycling eyecanday prog - not so cool... Highly recommended sound reactive a-life/tripped out interactive abstract visuals !!!! have to update....totally forget
scrdncdx.exe Screen Dance, 6 meg, thus must have more stuff than below?
scrndnc2.exe Screen Dance, 2 meg not-so great anims to music, ssaver
SiliconK.exe Mirrors and cycles .BMP input files, haven't checked out yet, looks cool!
snosetup.exe Snoqualmie - so-so kaleido eyecandy soft from Syntrillium have to update, forget...
spectcpr.exe Colour cycling your bmps, screensaver
SquishFX.exe High-End AV performance software Lets you do realtime keying of flc and avi/mov/mpeg files Wicked demo prog/screensaver for Win95 Trip-Ex ver 1.1 - 3DFX animated WinAmp visualization plug-in Videofeedback'esque tool for PC's, strict video card requirements a Must-Have! - PC MIDI controlled AVI VideoSampler VJ soft from CamArt/ColdCut
xpose1,2,3,4,5,6, Arkaos visual synth soft, IT demo, Win95/NT ver 1.0, 7 zip files Xpose .KOS to .MOV converter beta2 - run in XPose dir, requires QT 4+ Zone Rings from outer space, wicked screensaver
3aline.exe Screensaver: kinda cheap semi-3D art stuff Toshiba (I forget) 3D video/comp anim creation software (odd/even scanline tech)

PC Demoscene - Cool Demos with good sequences of VJ-compatible material - DL and see for yourself.
blasphmy99 - Cool tunnel POV's, abstract sequences - P2/350+ preferred

Apple Mac / PPC
avxvsamp.hqx EBN's VideoSampler, way-way back original MIDI VideoSampler written by Mark Marinello
bsppcdem.hqx Imaja's wicked Bliss-saver visual music soft for Power PC chipset's
cw1demo.sit A collection of particle generators that can be controlled using mouse movements or by sound input mac ver
ddrag1.sit , 2nd , 3rd , 6th Desktop Dragon Erode programs, provide non interactive visual craziness!
ddrag4.hqx , 5th , 7th Desktop Dragon Erode programs, provide non interactive visual craziness!
fracd132.hqx Fractal Domains - fractal eyecandy creation prog for PPC Mac's
HTFsit.hqx High-Tech Factory: realtime sound to visuals simple program - powermac only
imagDemo.sit Fred Collopy's imager demo soft
imsit.hqx Image/ine 1.2.6 - Live video-mixing prog - evaluation copy (4.8Mb) -
  Image/ine 1.3.1  -  newest version
m7_pr1.hqx M7 Motion Graphic VideoMixer - I don't have a mac, haven't tried it, who knows?
MaCthug.hqx Mac Cthuga 1.0 - quite cool and widely used sound to visuals prog, mac ver
Mxp30sea.hqx Maxplay 3.0
MS25dsea.hqx MAC: VJ tool, sound to visual prog, Metasynth
nirvana.sit Nirvana demo version - a digital kaleidoscope on acid - HIGHLY Recommended !!!
PIANO.SEA.hqx Jeffery Burns: piano of light demo prog, requires a mac with max or maxplay installed
pixtoy20.hqx Pixel Toy 2.0 - Infinite "lavalamp" sound to visuals program. cool, check it out!
vdel_sea.hqx U&I Soft VideoDelic videoart synth & sequencer for PowerMacs & above -
xpit_try.sit Xpose IT Trial version for PPC+
xp_mcb2.sit Xpose .KOS to .MOV converter beta2 - run in XPose dir, requires QT 4+
video MAX sought

mnu3.lha Amiga VJ program from Captain Video

BeOSŪ Software Video-to-MIDI converter" for that processes incoming video using a realtime vision algorithm - ver: 0.9.9c Real-time spectral manipulation - create, record, manipulate and play back sound-images called sonograms v 1.52 (temp offline)

gem-0.79.tar.Z GEM (full version) for IRIX 6.2+, Highly Recommended Realtime Visuals Library for PD.
pd_irix.tar A real-time computer music software package resembling MAX - The base prog for GEM - SGI/Irix ver
sought: motion phone - creates simple abstract vector and block realtime art in response to human gestures

Linux OS
acw.tar.gz Linux port Acid Warp, famous eyecandy using SVGAlib
acwrm.tar.gz Acid Worm, eye candy using SVGAlib
blobs.tgz blobs flying around zapping each other (SVGAlib)
bomb.tar.gz automatic interactive visual stimulation
eyec.tar.gz set of SVGAlib based screen hacks
lplas.tar.gz a display hack -- Sinus plasma for SVGAlib
moon.tgz a self-displaying graphic

Link to 23 meg dl of both Mac & PC demo versions of Motion Dive 2
Playstation VJ "Game": Baby Universe

PC: Sonicosmicgraphica - new MIDI. ram based videosampler software.

We will soon have a public ftp upload area. Until then, please recommend software that you think we should include here. Please include direct link info for file DL if possible, and brief description. Thanks! We also plan to have a discount store where you can purchase full/registered/commercial versions of pro-VJ software in the near future. We are already get wholesale pricing for VJAMM & XPose, and plan to pass the savings onto you soon!

Please visit the LIBRARY for DLS of Digital Video Loops and other visuals of interest to performing VJS: .AVI's/.MOV's/.FLI/.FLC/MPEG and more!

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