MotionDive Tokyo  -  ( MD4 )

Yes, MD4, officially known as MotionDive Tokyo has finally been released for both the mac and pc platforms.  Now while MD3 has become the VJ software of choice for many artists around the world, you would think MD4 would be logically be a quantum leap forward in things, given the time passed since release 3, and the feedback from the
VJ world.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is not the
case.  For the money - you may actually be better off sticking with MD3, or looking at some other software such as
Fuse Infinity. .                                                                

For a very thorough review on MD4, please see VJ Central.

You can purchase MD4 from us for $ 379 USD.  We usually have a few copies in stock, but if not, there will be a delay of a few weeks as the software is imported from Japan.  Current stock = 3 copies.

Please go to the bottom of the page on our first newsletter to purchase via shopping cart.

more MD4 review stuff from us coming soon....I just wanted to get the template for this page up.