Almost Sync

Almost Sync. is a dynamic audio-media layout-tool.
-Specially developed for interaction with audio-signals under live-conditions. 
-Enables a spontaneous access to a data-base of pre-rendered pict-sequences, which can be assembled in up to four layers. 
-Triggered by the audio-signal position parameters, rotation, scale, blends and various effects (e.g. trails and inks) are editable. 
-The audio-signal is represented by level-deflection. Initially the parameter-change is implemented by manual adjustment.
-Optimal settings are adapted permanently and automatically to sound-intensity. 
-Implementation of pict-sequences with alpha-channel and up to custom resolution limited only by the power of the cpu. (e.g. loops up to 10 mb are no problem for our 400mHz lombard-powerbook) 
-Individually adjustable triggerfunction for each layer in three different loop-midi (fwd, back+forth, fastfwd) 
-Flexible preset-solution for systematic presentations.
-Additional cutup-text tool with separate trigger.

Only available for the Macintosh platform at present.
It works, but simultaneously, it's in a condition of permanent evaluation.
There is no current manual, however a flash online manual may be available on the publishers website in the near future.

More details to follow soon. In the mean time, here are some screen captures of the interface:

This software is currently still being developed, check the publisher's website for details.

To visit the publishers website, click here.

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