KazetachiAD - (Blow)

    Blow is real-time motion graphics VJ digital video and effects mixing program from Japan.

It is similar to MotionDive 3, however adds to MD3's features by allowing MIDI & IEEE1394 (firewire) compatibility.  It needs a fairly powerful PC with QuickTime and a NDivia GeForce 4 graphics card.

It runs in on Windows 2000 and XP - But there is no Mac version at this time.

For an extensive review on this software, please see VJ Central.

Please visit the publisher's website for extensive additional information on the software: here.

We may be selling the software here for  24,000 (about $ 200 USD) in the near future. 

Until then, please visit the publisher's website for more information and to purchase directly.

some more screen-shots of the program follow: