Channel 3, has been a longstanding contributor to the evolving world of VJ software.  It all started with some proprietary software that their team wrote for their own use, that turned into their first commercial release, CT Classic.  It was widely used in Japan, but didn't seem to get much exposure in North America, or other places to the best of my knowledge, outside the hands of the lucky few who were hooked into the inner circle.  Luckily for me, shortly after I started my site here, I had heard something about their software, and exchanged a few emails, after which they were kind enough to hook me up with a copy, provided that I never gave it to anyone else.  Great for me, but sad for others, as CT Classic was my all time favourite VJ software, it just had so many wicked features, and was quite intuitive to use.  It did run in DOS, and needed a 3DFX board for it's dedicated output, but it was just such an incredible application, that I didn't mind hauling my rackmount PC out with me to gigs.  

As luck would have it, you are now in the right place at the right time, as Channel 3 have recently recently their long in development new version, called SVD1.  They're going to send me more info to help me review it better in the next week or so, so this page will be vastly updated soon!  Bear with me...

Websites:   (main company site)    (SVD1 VJ software site)
Also, with luck, you will soon be able to buy SVD1 (bundled with many GB of VJ loops) in our store.

If you are curious about the Channel 3's longstanding contributions to VJ software development, please check out our C3 historical documents.

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