Exe-Lite is a new piece of VJ software from Japan.  I haven't tried it yet, so I can't really write too much about it.  I think they are currently beta testing the software though.   It seems like a sort of simple cross fading software based video-mixer.  

This is the main window, where the output is displayed.  I don't know if there is dual monitor support for a dedicated output, or you would just use your external scan converter to zoom in on the window.  The alpha button show, allows you to change the opacity of the output.

 You can assign and select video loops directly from the keyboard.  You can also assign masks for keying, do text manipulation, and loop sounds with the visuals for a total A/V performance.

There are many other different options available, from video scratching to .SWF support.  Of course, the software is still in development, so you never know what we'll see next.

Visit the publisher's website here or email them. (note: is in japanese, use to translate.)
A cool flash demo of the software here.  I think you have to email them for a demo of the software.

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