Exp System

Brought to you by the same people that gave you composite station, this program is so cool, I had trouble tearing myself away from it to add this page!


You fill your movie folders with .AVI & .MOV files, start the program, and start dragging & dropping!  You pull the various digital video clip source blocks onto a grid, add 1 of about 20 different mixer blocks (add, subtract, or, xor, alpha, etc) and route the output to an fx block (feedback, kaleidoscope, tunnel, gamma, ghost, etc) and keep on routing the signal till you want to stop.  

Then you hit the record button, and adjust block parameters in real-time!  It's very cool and a whole lot of fun.  You can adjust the video output window size, then zoom in on it with an external RGB to NTSC scan converter for use in shows. Files can be saved, or reworked until you are completely happy.  

Download the trial version for the PC or MAC.
If you have a decent connection speed, check out the quick vidclip I made literally 1 minute after installing the prog!

Visit the publisher's website here or email them.

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