FreeJ aims to be a digital instrument for video live sets, featuring real-time rendering of multi-layered video and chained effect filtering directly on the screen. FreeJ treats every video source as a layer, making then possible to dynamically apply on each a chain of filters, loadable as effect plug-ins and easily customizable. 
Layers are planned for rendering of analog video input, digital movie files, image bitmaps, sound scopes, texts and eventually more. FreeJ is being developed in the hope to provide the GNU community with a free, modular and highly customizable application to perform video live sets, based on a GPLed framework that lets anybody implement his own filters concentrating simply on the dsp algorithm developed and furthermore to combine them over any supported layer. 

-GNU/Linux Workstation
-Simple Directmedia Layer library 
-a video4linux supported card or webcam 
-NASM netwide assembler 
-an x86 CPU supporting MMX instructions, even better SSE (pentiumIII or more) 
-XFree86, possibly 4.1 running accelerated card 

-Multilayered video engine 
-Layer filtering thru chainable dsp algorithms 
-Dynamically loadable DSO plugin architecture for filters 
-MMX/SSE assembler accelerated engine lubrification 
-Efficient triple-buffered multithreaded video grabbing layer 
-Modular c++ code structure 
-Multithreaded architecture (POSIX.1b compliant) 
-A user friendly OnScreenDisplay interface 
-100% GNU Public License Free Software 

Please visit the publishers website for downloads and more info.

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