iMagic NG is a real-time visualization tool. It is a software application that generates high-quality real-time graphics to go with your favorite music. It has awesome 3D graphics, extensive customization and support for camera or video inputs.

It is designed to be shown on a large screen music at nightclubs, dance events and rave parties. It is a perfect tool for VJs. But its uses don't stop there. Capture its output to spice up your video footage or create impressive music presentations.

Minimum Requirements:
Microsoft DirectX 8.1
Graphics Accelerator (TNT or better)
Windows 98
20MB Free Hard Drive Space

Windows XP
ATI Radeon 8500 (Dual Head) 64MB
1GHz+ Processor (AMD or Intel)
2GB Free Hard Drive Space
Video Capture Card



  • Over 30 cool effects for you to use and combine in thousands of different ways.
  • Use mulitple video inputs and movie files as textures on 3D objects.
  • Use our many graphics files that come with the program or load your own pictures, movies and 3D objects into the scenes.
  • Design your own detailed scenes to your liking or use those included..
  • Save sets of scenes to load when you need them.

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