Imaginary Kernel  

Imaginary Kernel is a new Japanese VJ software for use on a G3 Macintosh platform. It mixes QuickTime video clips, and may support other formats as well, however I have not had a opportunity to check it out yet. If you have more info, please email me.

Imaginary Kernel is only available for the Mac platform.
Download the beta here.

Warning: Derek Peterson of Teknolust Productions writes: According to Norton AntiVirus (8.0.4 for Mac OS X with virus definitions
from 11/01/02) the Imaginary Kernel download contains the "nVIR R" virus attached to "ImaginaryKurnel.project" located in the "cast creater" directory.  

As I'm still a bit naive on the Mac, please be aware of this, so you can clean the file before you execute it.  -dave

Visit the publishers website here.