Vidvox Prophet

Vidvox Prophet (formerly IVP), is a Mac-based QuickTime Sampler optimized for real-time performance of QuickTime content from a MIDI input source. It is built from the ground up on QuickTime 4.0, and thus supports all QuickTime 4.0 formats, including MIDI playback, Video, Audio, Vector graphics/animations, 3DMF and QVTR.  It also has the ability to sample a live video/audio input, and immediately play it back and manipulate it. 
The interface of Prophet is simple to use. Open a movie, use a standard QuickTime controller to select a portion of the movie, and then drag and drop on to a MIDI key. Then assign additional behaviors to that key, such as a palindrome loop, a speed change etc.

Prophet supports OMS, and any video hardware installed that uses QuickTime. This means that you can get full screen, broadcast quality MIDI video sampling. Prophet now supports native Firewire DV - bringing affordable and easy broadcast quality video sampling to you!


Vidvox Prophet is only available for the Mac platform.
Download the tryout version in MacBinary or binhex formats.

Visit the publishers website here.

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