KeyStroke is a Multi-User Cross Media Synthesizer - a distributed application that allows multiple players to generate, synthesize and process images, sounds and text within a shared real-time environment. As an instrument it allows communities of players to dynamically control and modify all aspects of digitized media in a collaborative performance. 

The premise of the KeyStroke Project is to contribute to the emerging genre of telecommunications art. It is an instrument and a communications tool - a vehicle for sending and receiving commands, pushing and blocking choices, negotiating and dictating experiments, improvising and rehearsing the realization of a sensory display - a simultaneous real-time interchange with live and formatted media.

KeyStroke is a networked application that allows up to five players per session. These players bring their own local input/output devices into the performance. Player 1 may have a full Midi rig while Player 2 has a digital video camera and microphone. All the players can bring their keyboard and mouse into play as controllers. These devices, once instantiated in the Patch Screen, can control and be controlled by any other device as well as the media itself. In KeyStroke parlance, these are called LiveInput Modules and include: Mouse, Keyboard, Video, SoundIn, Joystick and Midi. 

You can enroll in the beta testers program on their website, to gain access to downloads of the program.

Visit the publisher's website here.

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