Klangfarben is a powerful real-time Audio/Video animation toolbox with a custom visual interface. You can use your own movie and image files and manipulate them in real-time.
You are able to compose your own filters, use external video-in source via QuickTime components, use automatic beat-matching functionality, design network games, render high resolution movies and much more.
Klangfarben supports:
-QuickTime movie formats (mov, mpeg, avi, flash)
-PICT and JPEG pictures
-keyboard/mouse control
With the full version you also get:
*large output format (up to 16384*16384 pixel)
*render mode
*cluster sync of max. 32 computers
*MIDI in/out
*Ethernet (AppleTalk and TCP/IP)
Although I haven't tried it yet, it sounds pretty cool to me.  Hat's off to Sonoluca for an innovative and intriguing app!

Check it out for yourself,

download below.


System requirements: MacOS 7.5, QuickTime 3.0, 20MB free RAM
Download the software: player app  -  tools pack   

Visit the publisher's website here. - or email them.

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