M2V is a Music to Video VJ Tool written by Philipp Wassermann, it runs on the Mac under both OS/9 & OS/X.

The disco is getting medial: for a lot of clubs light and fog is not enough anymore. More and more the DJ is supported by the VJ - the Video-Jockey.  They are presenting little pieces of animated movies on TV-screens or video projectors, and mix different sources together just like the DJ does.

M2V is being developed for the VJ - the software gives you the possibility of a direct connection between the actual music and your video output - it converts the audio signal from the DJ to a step-signal for the movies.

Via a selection-menu the VJ can load any type of digital movie into the system (the movie must be playable by Apple's QuickTime technology).  M2V provides a frequency-band (FFT- Fast Fourier Transformation) and the VJ can choose a single frequency and set some parameters to connect the peaks of the audio signal to the frame steps of the movie.

M2V is currently in version 0.9 beta 2. This version is not in public release, and is just for the Macintosh platform only at this time.

A screen shot of the main interface.


    Some of the latest features:

- clickable time-line
- exact adjustment of the step (how many frames the movie jumps on peak)
- exact speed-setting (FPS of the movie)
- both with backward + forward switch
- OS X support (hopefully soon)

For software downloads and more up to date info, please visit the publishers website at: www.elektromods.de