M7 is a motion graphic mixer for the Mac, that lets you mix multiple streams of digital video files and effect them in real-time. It now supports Quicktime 5.

M7 has high speed video file switching, abstract video synthesis and various effects, running through a proprietary "groovesync-engine", which allows precise BPM control via MIDI with immediate response time.  In addition, using the keyboard of the Mac and the mouse, can activate all functions of M7 for users who don't have MIDI in use.

Up to 3 simultaneous video files can be mixed in real-time, and there are also automatic modes that allow you to take a break, and have M7 control itself via the change in BPM of the music.  

The software is only available for the Mac at this time.
Download:  -the alpha version -the trial release version  (fully functional, but time limited to 30 days) 

Visit the publisher's website here   (it's in Japanese, but you can always use bablefish to translate it!)

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