MotionDive 3

MotionDive originated in late 1998 to the best of my knowledge, and has become a very popular piece of software in Japan.  While intended for the growing VJ market, it is sold widely in Japanese retail computer stores, hitting other market segments as well.  I think Japan has been a bit ahead of the curve in a lot of things tech oriented, and when it comes to VJ related software, Japan is where it's at!  MotionDive is definitely at the head of the pack here, and now the 3rd generation of it has been recently released.  I've been in touch with the creators of the software since it's inception, begging for some way to get a hold of a copy.  I carefully translated all my emails to Japanese, and wrote, asking to purchase with my credit card, but since mid 1999, I was told: soon, soon...  Well as I write this it's almost 2002, and unfortunately for the rest of the world, MotionDive is still largely unavailable outside of Japan.  

This is a screen capture of the main interface.

Well, believe it or not.... I have finally found a distributor that specializes in reselling Asian software, and am at last offering it for sale in our shop.  The pc version works well on a decent box running W98 or XP, and the mac version will run very smoothly on a decent G4 with most current mac OS's other than OSX (although this may work too, I just haven't tried it).  For the best functionality, make sure you have at least 128 megs ram, although more couldn't hurt.
You now can get a trial version for either mac or pc so you can check MD3 out prior to purchasing it.  When you click on the picture on the right, you'll be forwarded to a translation page, just hit the "translate" button, so you'll be able to read the trial version download page in English.

Trial version limitations
-you can't read in your own .avi / .mov files
-you can't save your work, you only can see it onscreen.
-It only works for 15 minutes at a time, but otherwise is fully functional.  

I had temporarily stopped selling MD3 due to cash flow issues, but am happy to say that I have now reached a new credit agreement with my Japanese distributor, so we are able to sell MD3 again! :)
Pricing is changed slightly to better reflect the cost of stocking product and licensing fees I pay.

$239 for Windows version  from stock - airmailed to you
$239 for Mac Version from stock - airmailed to you
$425 for both Win & Mac versions - FedEx'd to you directly from Japan.

You also get 8 or 16 (depending on just 1 platform or both) of our coveted VJ Loop CDR's with your order (700 megs each) airmailed to you.

Building new libraries of loops, it's all drag and drop, quite intuitive.

Please note:  To get a full screen output to your video mixer or video projector, you will either need a 2nd video card (then drag your output window to the 2nd monitor, and hit the fullscreen button, then hopefully your 2nd video card has a RCA or S-Video output).  Or, you can use the recommended method (by the MD3 authors, and what I'm doing), by using an external scan converter to zoom in on your final mix window, and then use the fullscreen output from your scan converter to feed your video mixer or projector.  An external scan converter will set you back a minimum of about $100 USD but is an essential piece of gear that you can use on both Mac & PC's, and you'll thank yourself through the years.
Crazy news!

Denon is rumored to be producing a new hardware interface for MD3 - I don't know any of the specifications, but was lucky enough to secure this top-secret shot of the unit.  I'm in touch with my Japanese contacts to try and track down one of these, so with luck I'll be able to post a review in the near future.
March 2002 Update: After speaking to the head of Denon USA, it seems it is extremely unlikely that I will be able to acquire this unit, aside from going to Japan, which I'm not likely to do anytime soon.  I'll let everybody know though if I have any more luck on this in the future...

Support of the software:

Although the software is a Japanese product, and as such does not come with English instructions, it is quite intuitive to learn, and I sincerely doubt you will have any problems figuring it all out.  However, we are almost finished translating the original Japanese model to English, and when that's done, various members of our community will be translating that further into Spanish, German, & Dutch.  Also, I, and several other MD3 users are able to answer questions either directly, or in our MD3 tech support forums (link below).  Please also read our MD3 forum threads about some known issues with the software, and workarounds, shortcuts, and other comments.  Ok, here are the resources: 
-SourceNext Japan MD3 Support Area     Hit the "translate" button after clicking this link, to view page in English.
-VJForums MD3 Forum Area All English, user discussion forum   (free registration required to post msgs)
-Official MD3 Overview PDF dox All in Japanese, but gives a good visual overview of product capabilities.
-AudioVisualizers MD3 Support Forum Now available.  Please read over prior to purchase, for customer comments.

Check out the MotionDive official website   ( Hit the "translate" button after clicking this link, to view page in English. )

If you want to see my old page for MotionDive, which shows a bit how it used to be,
then check out our MotionDive historical documents.

Some comments, etc:
Well I've had my motion dive 3 for bout a week now and got to say is great! Thanks to Dave @ audiovisualizers.
Also there are different text effects/Templates, is it possible to create my own with flash?

Response from Softly Kicking:  You can. Open flash and create an animation with a dynamic text field called 'statement', the text that you'll type in motion dive will be passed to the .swf file.  You can animate the text field as you like.  Export it in v.4 format.  Then put the .swf in the textstyle folder, and create a custom icon.  You're now all set!     hint: You can also make plain flash animations without text and use the text layer as a third level.

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