Meimi stands for Multi Effect Interactive Movie Interface, and is a real-time video warper. I'm not sure if it also supports live video capture, but I think so. I had no trouble installing it, then I loaded up 20 or so digital video files which auto sequenced as I applied various warping and multi-window effects. I didn't entirely understand what I was doing, but it sure looked cool. 

Click on the software platform version you want to download: PC - MAC
PC - newest version: 1.41

Visit the publisher's website here

Notes: Since this is a Japanese program, it can be a little tricky to figure out at first, but it's quite intuitive.  Here's a quick guide from CAT, not all the keys but enough to get you started!

F1  main control panel
F2  Movie 1st window add files or folders to the play list
F3  Screen size window tabs at the top switch between full screen sizes and window sizes another tab does something I don't Know!
F4  TTW control Random FX switch times I think
F5  FX window click on an effect in the list to activate un-tick the FX to exclude from the TTW effect
F6  effects controls click the sliders to change the effects parameters or use the keypad if you keep this window open you can see what the keys do!
F7  Main program prefs including a list of what keys do what in random script, but at least you can find out which keys do things!

F10  windowed mode
F11  Full screen mode
F12  no window

left right cursors step through FX

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