Midivid is a revolutionary way to compose and play video. It transforms your computer into a musician friendly, midi controlled video sample player with real-time video effects. It may change the way you compose, and express yourself in the studio and on stage, forever.  And it's free.

Midivid is a small yet powerful and revolutionary program for PCs running windows 98/2000 and directX 6+. It is the first windows program to truly address the midi control of video samples from an electronic musician's perspective.

With this program you can control the playback of full screen video clips and still images on a PC by hitting keys on a properly connected MIDI controller. You can add effects in real time and also affect the way video clips and stills appear on screen using velocity (how hard you hit a note). The program was originally designed for PC based control of visuals at live electronic concerts and Raves. The program was first used commercially in September 1999. On may 7th 2000 Midivid 1.0 (RC1.08) was first released to the public as freeware via this site. The final version of Midivid (1.1) was released on June 21 2000. This is the current version.

Midivid 1.1 may be freeware but it is a commercial quality program written by industry professionals and the source code is privately owned by Jason Dorie. This program is part of a commercial midi performance development project sponsored by VUTAG.

Midivid is only available for the PC

Visit the publisher's website here.

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