Payment of this item is done through paypal, with your credit card, via a secure shopping cart.  If you are not yet a paypal member, you will have to sign-up first by clicking on the link below, but it takes less than 5 minutes.  To purchase, click once and a window should pop up to confirm your current cart status.  Then either click "continue shopping" or "checkout".  Now, you can return to the main VJ Software menu. Thanks for your order, I will ship this via insured international airmail (7-10 days average delivery time), within 24 hours after confirmation of receipt of your $ from paypal.  If you have any questions regarding your order, please email me.  

Shipping costs are based on the total value of your order:
-$5 USD for orders up to $49.99
-$8 USD for orders $50 and over                  Since MooNSTER costs $60, your total for this item will be $68 USD.

I accept payment through PayPal!

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