MyTime is a program that gives you the freedom to play digital video in many different ways. Within a movieclip you can make subselections and alter properties like speed, step and delay. For each movieclip opened you can safe thirtysix different combinations of the playback properties. You make a preset by clicking on one of the boxes on the bottomline, right- or Option-click the box to erase the preset. You can recall these presets using the keyboard, while you can switch clips with the numerical keypad. 

To view the movie fullscreen click on the preview. Alt click to return to the property editor. To open a new movieclip click on the name of the current movieclip or press Command-O. Any movieclip opened before that has not been moved since, can be opened by clicking in the cliplist, or by typing the three digit number preceding the clipname on the numerical keypad. Under the clipname you find more information like duration, size, filesize, datarate and filepath. You can display the movie at its original size by holding down the Command key while going full screen.

Press Command-shift while you go full screen to play the movie double sized. To scratch through the selected time press Command-cursorUp. Click or press space to stop scratching. Press Command-cursorDown to scratch through the complete movie

Available for the PC & MAC

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