What is PixelShox Studio

PixelShox Studio is a revolutionary live-video creation tool built exclusively for MacOS X. Contrary to other available programs of this type, is it built 100% for MacOS X, uses the latest technologies like OpenGL, Cocoa and CoreAudio and is designed for both novice and professional users.

PixelShox Studio is essentially a Cocoa editor built upon the PixelShox 3D Engine. It allows you to program in an easy and graphical way the PixelShox Engine to render real-time animations on screen.
You can build such animations for parties, concerts, video clips, movies... or just for fun!

Minimal requirements:
MacOS X 10.1 or MacOS X 10.2 (MacOS X 10.2 is highly recommended)
256Mb of RAM
an ATI Rage 128 video card or a nVidia GeForce 2MX video card

Visit the publisher's website here, to download the latest version of the program, and for updated news.