plastyctoy v0.7
Warik has recently released the current crippleware v0.7 public release version, although there are a few important limitations:
-you must be online to use it   (obviously this negates using it for onsite live vj work)
-you have only two banks of imagery to load up, as opposed to 20+ 

System requirements:
Most VJ related software comes out for a specific platform, because that's what the author is good at, and it was likely designed initially for their personal use on their own machine  Not so with PlastycToy!  Pleasantly, there are both PC and Mac versions.  A couple of notes though:
-you must have some sort of flash 5 player installed

If for some reason you were lucky enough to secure a regular version of the software from the author for live work, the recommended configuration is:
-a dedicated machine
-flash player, maybe 80-100 mb RAM. (the more the better)
-and a minimal extensions set
-800 x 600 @ thousands of colours is the recommended video config
-And it's not recommended to use alpha channels

-The author has supplied one set of animations for each of the upper and lower banks.  However, if you have flash 5, or perhaps one of our VJ Loop CDR's with a library of animations, you can use those, or create your own.

I've only played around with it for about 5 minutes before switching windows to write up this page (blame my short attention span!), so I will add a review shortly.

If you want the privilege of more sets, please contact the author.  Also, you can submit your flash work, which may be included on the plastyctoy website.  

Download: please check the plastyctoy website for the most current version.   -  View: PDF instructions

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