RC FUSE is a real-time video mixing and layering software - plus a whole lot more!  Your visuals will react to the audio from the CD, microphone input, and line-in jacks.  All you need to do is to select your content, & effect pattern, then your chosen still image or movie will dance with the music and produce perfect synchronization.  When the music gets harder, the visuals will react harder, when the music goes faster, the visuals go faster.  If you want to show your audience getting excited, you can display them in your screen. If you want to show the DJ scratching crazy, you can show it on your projection.  RC FUSE has two direct video feed-ins. You just need to connect the video camera(s) to your computer.  RC FUSE was realized for professional club VJs.  No compromise, super affordable, totally amazing VJ software.


RC Fuse was originally released in Japan, where VJ'ing has hit the mainstream.  Unlike most of the other Japanese VJ software, luckily RC Fuse has now been released in an English version, and we are pleased to be able to offer it to you!

Special Introductory Price
$149 $99
[downloadable version - $149 for retail version]

VJQAK Quick Demo Movie


  • Full screen mode can be selectable at 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 pixel.
  • Two individual channels. One for live and one for edit.
  • Each channel has shape (fore ground) and back (back ground) with Blend fader.
  • Compatible with QuickTime, AVI, PICT and JPEG format.
  • Real-time scratch for the movies.
  • Speed control for the movies. x1/2, x1, x2 or BPM.
  • Blend, Addpin, Subpin, Addmax, Addmin.
  • Flash, Invert, real-time color change.
  • 41 effect patterns including audio-active patterns..
  • Real-time effect manipulation by mouse.
  • Keyboard shortcut for selecting images and effects.
  • Direct video feeds for shape layer and back ground layer.
  • Sequence recording and playback.
  • Auto-pilot play




DirectX7.0a, DirectMedia6.1, QuickTime4.12J or later.
CPU: PentiumII 350MHZ+
Memory: 64MB+
Videocard: VGA (640x480)+ & true color (32bit)

Capture device (support Video for Windows)
or IEEE1394 card and DV camera (Windows98 Second Edition or later.)

CPU: PentiumIII 500MHZ+
Memory: 128MB+

PowerMacintosh, MacOS 8.x or MacOS 9.x.
QuickTime 3.0 or later
640x480 pixel / 16bit color display & videocard.

G3/G4 , MacOS 8.x or MacOS 9.x.
QuickTime3.0 or later
640x480 pixel / 16bit color display & videocard.
Video input port or firewire port.

Click on the software platform version you want to download: PC - MAC
( This is a trial version that will only run for 15 minutes each time without the license key. )
Note: You will need the latest version of Direct X.
The English Manual is: here.

Purchase single user license RC Fuse 1.51 License key:

Your license key will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of your funds.  
You also get 4 free VJ Loop CDR's from our exchange network, shipped to you via airmail.

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