Resolume is a piece of software allowing you to mix digital video in a real-time, improvisation demanding environment.

Here, you see a screenshot of the main interface. This is where all the fun takes place. As you can see there are 4*5=20 channels that can all hold one animation. You can switch these animations by pressing the associated key on the keyboard or clicking on the channel preview. By <SHIFT> clicking a channel you can configure the channel's properties.
Key features
Mix .avi .mov .mpg .swf(flash) .gif .jpg .bmp

Dual or single monitor full-screen interface
Music visualization on flash movies
Play foreward/backward, Random and Pause
Control the playback-speed of movies
Set the size and position of movies
Custom configure all shortcuts
Play-forward, play-backward, pause, random commands.
Set the playback speed of .avi .mov .qt .mpg and .bitmap and .jpg sequences.
Custom configure the shortcuts for controls.
Set the size and position of movies on the output window.
Resolume can use a dual monitor system. The output window is set full screen on the second monitor and this signal is send to the projector.
If you want to use a single monitor system, you can dock the output window on the top right of the interface. This limits you to a 320*240 output. And you then have to zoom and pan your scan converter to this area to send it to the projector pointed at your big white bed-sheet.

File types
Supported file-types: .swf (flash) .avi .mov .mpg (mpeg) .qt (quicktime) .bmp .gif (also animated gif) .jpg .jpeg.
You load your materials by dragging them from the browser on the left and dropping them on the channels. The browser shows a preview of the selected file.
Load and save decks (multiple channels). This saves all the settings of all the channels.

Visualization on flash instances. The following properties of a flash instance can be linked to the sound: Alpha (opacity), Position, Rotation and Scale.
Text-variables in flash animations. A text area in a flash animation can hold variables. These variables can be set using Resolume. Thus allowing you to change the text used in a flash animation on the fly. So you can for instance improvise on the lyrics in the music.
Zoom in on flash movies.
Change the background color of a flash movie.
Set High or Low quality of flash animations. (switches the anti-aliasing on or off).

A new version has recently been released! 

Download for PC: Just go to their site, as DL's are time limited for 30 days.

Minimum system requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000
Screen resolution 1024*768 / 24 bit
Pentium II 233
64 Mb RAM
Flash 4 or higher
DirectX 7 or higher
Note that (like so many other things in life) faster is always better

To visit the publishers website, click here.

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