Soak & Movement

Soak is a new VJ Software that has just been released in Japan, and we are now pleased to be able to offer it to the rest of the world.  It works on both Mac & PC platforms, and according to the publisher, is "an idiot-proof, fast, smooth and responsive VJ application, supporting up to 3 video streams and 9 effects at once."  It also "comes with 80 cutting edge visual loops + 10 MP3 dance tracks."

I recently received a review copy of Soak, and got a chance to play around with it this past weekend.  It seems very stable.  At present, it's a fairly simple application compared to some other choices, but it seems like a good starter package for the beginner.  

- Up to 3 rich video layers and 2 effects at once.
-Incredibly responsive keyboard switching with virtually no delay!
- Plays heavy graphics smoothly
- Runs on Windows 98-2000 and Mac OS 8.6-10.1

Video layers
- Up to 3 simultaneously
- Switchable via keyboard keys and mouse
- Loop/play once lock
- When lock is on, loops continue to play indefinitely after key is
first touched or loop is first selected by clicking it with the mouse
- When off, loops only play while their key is held down, but stay on
if selected by the mouse and the cursor is moved away before
releasing the button
- 2 banks of 40 loops (80 total)
- Instant access via keys to the 40 loops of the bank in current use
- Fast switching between banks (about a second)


- up to 2 at once
- switchable via keyboard number pad
Effects are:
- Add vibrant flashing colour
- Reverse the loop
- Flip horizontal
- Flip vertical
- Zoom in
- Sepia tone
- Leave traces (very trippy)
- Split screen into 4 showing same loop
- Invert colours


Plays MP3s or CDs with its own built-in control panel.


One great thing, is that it comes with many stunning computer animation VJ clips in both 320x240 resolutions for the application, and 720x480 versions for potential integration into video editing - and they're all royalty free!

Although the manual and application is in Japanese, no Japanese ability is necessary to install and use the software.  As well, English support will also be online soon.


Movement is VJ content series, which comes with both 320x240 and 720x480 resolutions.

Initially, there are 3 Movement Releases:

Animation Vol.1
Computer Graphics Vol.1
Mixture Vol.1

Each provides 60 video loops for use with Soak or other applications, and contains 3 dance music tracks.

All materials on both Soak and Movement can be freely used in any way without payment of royalties.

Purchase Soak or Movement
Soak VJ Software, w/80 video clips   $ 80   
Movement 1 - Animation, volume #1   $ 60   
Movement 2 - Computer Graphics, vol #1    $ 60   
Movement 3 - Mixture, volume #1   $ 60   
Please note: As of Feb 11th, I'm just arranging the purchase of our first shipment of these products, so I will not be able to ship them to you for approx 2 weeks from now.  However, as soon as they come in I will notify you via email, and ship them out via first class insured airmail. 

Visit the Publisher's Websites:
Soak: & Movement    (only Japanese as of mid-Feb 2002, English sites coming soon)

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