VDMX is a software based video mixer tuned for real- time performance of audio visual material. At a glance, it features real-time raster effects, temporal playback and mixing effects, tactile physical control over scrubbing/playback rate/mixing, ram and disk recording, live video input, unique fontsynth™ technology just to name a few - and all aspects of the program are controllable from a master tap tempo or external MIDI clock, making synchronized shows a breeze.

VDMX is conceptually similar to hardware video mixers commonly used for live video production. however it is much more flexible and has many features not included in any hardware available today. (and we haven't attempted to mimic an actual hardware design) The interface has been designed to maximize your ability to achieve maximum results with the minimal number of steps to execute them. A guiding principle in the design process was to provide areas where the program can take over control and `wander` through various permutations. This lets you explore options you might not otherwise think of... you can use it as a generative tool to produce new works autonomously. But if you prefer complete control, VDMX is also up to the task.


Live Video Performance - VJ's will relish VDMX's ability to improvise and mix video live - no need to carry around decks and tapes anymore - everything you need to perform is all in one program. Run it on a PowerBook for the ultimate in portability.

Live Streaming Production - with VDMX's ability to use live video inputs (2 of them!) you can seamlessly mix graphics, live video and disk based video, and simply route the output to a second machine running the streaming software of your choice.

Theater and Stage - theatrical and dance productions are increasingly using video and graphic projections. VDMX allows you to cue and precisely trigger your video.

Studio Work - While VDMX is designed for real-time performance, it also is a robust means of generating new material 'offline'. In fact, with VDMX integrated Vagabond automation, you can endlessly generate video files unattended.

Only available for the mac platform, now up to version 3.0
Visit the publisher's website here. (& to download the latest demo version)