Vector VJ™ 1.0 Professional



An Audio Visual "Swiss Army Knife"

    Vector VJ™ 1.0 Professional is an Audio Visual Performance System and studio tool. The Vector Vj Visual Performance Engine software can be used stand alone or with the addition of a tightly integrated hardware Human Interface Device a.k.a. the CommandPost.

The design of this system is optimized for spontaneous creation of visually exciting graphic mixes and then displaying it to the audience all within the same session of running the system. The program monitors each display a different visual media file and serve to portray what effects are applied. The program monitors also serve to allow a quick and intuitive way to grab the layers of content and activate them for manipulation.

At the core of this system is a specialized set of utilities, which allow the artist Independent and precise control over the properties of each media layer. This includes Time slider, X position, Y position, Z position, Scale, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha Level, Pitch, Roll and Spin. Having this level of fine grain control over each layer of your composition provides you with a staggering number of possibilities and permutations.

The Motion Lab is a one of a kind motion synthesis and automation laboratory. The Motion Lab controls Automation and functionality and can be likened to that of the flying-faders found on audio mixing consoles in high-end recording studios.

With the Motion Lab you have the ability to apply Sinusoidal, Square and Saw Tooth – Wave based Automation. This Automation can be applied to each and or all of the sliders for each and or all Active Layers independently! It is essentially like having 48 extra sets of arms and hands to mix with, that lock into the beat and never get tired.

If you can imagine each of the above described sliders as an instrument in a “Visual Symphony” then perhaps the motion lab can best be described as the conductor in that Visual Symphony. Thus each instrument "plays" a different effect upon the visual space with its rhythmic pulse in sync with the other instrument through the beat synchronization feature of the Motion Lab.

Because of the efficient way Vector VJ handles these permutations, you will have the freedom to rapidly explore, enhance, and leverage your new and existing media in ways you never imagined. By performing this on the fly recycling of your media, Vector VJ can substantially improve your overall media mileage.

With Vector VJ’s palette of real-time manipulation tools, interesting and beautiful visual compositions can be quickly constructed and delivered to your audience up to five levels deep, depending on system health, performance, ram and available processor cycles.

Robo DJ and 3D Sound objects

RoboDJ is the audio tool set for creating a "sound" foundation for visual compositions in Vector VJ. This panel allows the creation of an mp3 play list and the assignment of sound objects to any layer(s) of choice.

The sound objects are assigned by selecting from a list of mp3 objects, then clicking on any one of the five jewel buttons, representing the layers just below. The leftmost jewel button will assign the sound to layer one, the leftmost program monitor. The lower half of the panel is a list of mp3 music files. To play a music file, select it in the list and then click the “play” button, a vertical blue bar on the right side of the mp3 player panel shows the progress of the song. The song is almost over when the blue bar height is near zero. The Dwell slider determines the duration of time over which the music cross-fade occurs.

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Purchase Vector VJ for $139 USD and get a CDR full of .SWF files, plus a DVDR of our latest VJ Loops for your mixing pleasure.