Video Cluster

Video Cluster is a 3-Dimensional realtime video effector & modifies an incoming live video stream, in response to MIDI data.

A SGI 320 box, running NT will run the program.

Only available for the SGI Visual Workstation (320/540). Click to download - SGI

Video cluster was written by Takahisa Suzuki (called suzukix). Takahisa is now a student of IAMAS that is school of Media-Art and Sciences.

Takahisa talks: "ViDEO CLUSTeR" dose not work on INDY ,because It was developed on Microsoft(R) Windows. INDY is IRIX, I'll not be planning to develop IRIX's software.If you need to run it ,you should buy sgi 320,540 or newest sgi 220,330,550 ( ) And, INDY does not have enough power for using Live-video-source.

"ViDEO CLUSTeR" is a very simple program that was made during in about 2-Days!! If you can write a program code in C/C++, you maybe develop it from sample code of sgi's "digital media library".

Using it is very wonderful for me ,but you don't have to buy sgi's PC. I'm planning to develop "VideoCluster 2nd"on Microsoft DirectX technology. It'll be running on pure DOS/V machine

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