MetaDreams VideoFlux

Videoflux is an interactive video mixing application that runs in your internet browser. After a 300K plug-in is downloaded and installed, you can mix and remix video material with special fx over an audio track. The mixes can be projected live, or saved for later use.

VideoFlux is published by MetaDreams, a company founded by Micha Klein, and comes in three flavors: lite, regular and professional.  

In the Netherlands, they recently worked a deal with Coca-Cola, where you could use a adapted lite version of their software online, to mix your own commercial which would be broadcasted on TV if you won. Click on the above link to try the software online!   Some people compare the interface to MotionDive, because it is quite intuitive, but MetaDreams purports to have a much higher quality output, with a lot more FX and mixing options - check it out and decide for yourself!

You can visit the publisher's website here - to find out the latest info and updates about this really intriguing software!

Download or view the 13 meg quicktime movie about VideoFlux: here.