VidVox Grid

The fastest, most intuitive video instrument (VJ) software for MacOS X, featuring:

Thumbnail Grid Interface
Instant Access to 128 Clips
Click to Play
Key & MIDI Note Triggers
Fast RAM PreRoll Loading
No Latency
Instant Jog / Shuttle
Full Res DV Compatible
G4 Altivec Optimized
Native YUV Processing
OpenGL Acceleration
Broadcast Quality
VIDVOX GRID is the natural evolution of the venerable favorite PROPHET. We distilled the core idea of Prophet, clips to keys, and built GRID's architecture from scratch focused completely around this notion. The result is a video instrument that is a complete joy to play.

The thumbnail grid interface allows you to instantly see and access 128 QuickTime movies in one unified window. But don't let its simplicity deceive you, because GRID takes full advantage of G4 Altivec and OpenGL hardware acceleration, giving you full resolution playback capability and the creative freedom to perform, rather than spend hour and hours preparing for your show.

And best of all, it costs only $50


To download the demo or purchase, please visit the publisher's website here.  

VidVox Grid evolved from VidVox Prophet, which came from IVP, to check out the old programs, look here.