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There are several different variations of the VJAMM VJ software, ranging from the low-end, but still incredibily useful, and very economical VJAMM to the top of the spectrum, with VJamm Pro, a suite of related programs (VJPro, VJamm LowLevel, AVScratch, which allow broadcast quality VJamming for the professional VJ.  VJPro2 or VJAMM2 is planned to be released in the near future.

The concept behind VJamm is simply a new kind of instrument which lets audiovisual samples -'avi clips'- be played with. It is like a piano for sound and vision. With the addition of real time functions like speed up, slow down, reverse and loop, the user has a lot of control . The very fast response of the program and the inclusion of Midi support mean that rhythmic audiovisual collages-whole video pieces where the sound and visuals are perfectly in sync-can well be constructed.

VJAMM - Standard Version
-Play, load and save banks of up to 16 video clips.
-Reverse, pitch, speed up and slow down sound and video simultaneously, in real time, with settings different for each clip.
-Set clips start and end point with markers to cut them up to frame accuracy.
-Show thumbnail pix of all clips for fast jammin' reference, plus popup filenames.
-Remix clips randomly with the Cutomatic beat jugglin` chop function. Find out  what they're REALLY saying! Burroughs would have loved it.
-Jam sequences of videoclips in sync with MIDI, & easily trigger your audiovisual experience. Make a video as you make a track!

Only available for the PC, click to download the demo: PC  
Other killa features include:

-Tunable loop function helps loop up video breakbeats. 
-All settings, including those of individual clips, saved in convenient patch files. 
-Very fast trigger time. 
-Includes library of avi clips from Headspace, Coldcut and others. 
-Includes utility to copy clips from CD to HD.
-Plays any standard audiovisual .avifiles that your machine is set up for (Cinepak, Indeo etc). 
-Also works with many special video boards eg: Fast Machines, Broadway, Miro for high quality output. 
-PAL & NTSC both supported. 
-1/4 screen and full screen modes.
-Simultaneous use of PC control screen and full screen video output when using zoomable genlock (eg VineGen Pro) for professional VJ use. 
-Built-in sequencer to record your jams.& secret videoscratch feature.

The regular version of VJAMM, sells for approx $30 USD or less, and allows 320 x 240 .avi source files to be used.  If you want higher resolution support with expanded features, look at VJamm Pro - otherwise, the standard version of VJAMM is a great place to start.  Here's some program details taken from the VJAMM site:

Take control and Veemix it up with VJamm, the digital Video Jockey software designed by sampling gurus Coldcut. Grab the future now: the era of real remixed media is about to begin and YOU are wanted.

VJamm is the worlds slickest and quickest PC video playback program.  Featuring REAL TIME USER CONTROL from the computers keyboard or a Midi keyboard. What this means is that with VJamm you can play audiovisual clips-'avis'-as if they were just audio samples.  It is like a piano for sound and vision. 

VJamm Pro - Software Suite

VJamm Pro actually consists of a suite of 2 programs: VJPro & AVScratch.
VJPro is the Full Screen version of VJamm, allowing use of full resolution broadcast AVI's. VJPro will output fullscreen video through MJPEG output ports, even in the normal VJamm interface view with all onscreen controls & quarter screen video preview on the computer monitor.

AVScratch is a new Audio Visual scratching program - scratch AVIs just like records in perfect AV sync with full real-time pitchshifting.

To download a demo version of VJPro, please go: here.

What's new in VJamm2:

-The program is now capable of playing up to 16 clips at once.
-Clips can be positioned scaled stretched in real-time either using slider in VJamm2 or via any MIDI device/ sequencer
-Video clips are timed in samples - allowing clips to be trimmed at this level of accuracy, also combined with VJamm2's super low latency (around 10ms) it's possible (and great fun) to create complex beats using multiple a/v clips. 
-Each clip can also be luma keyed (and inverse), again using on screen sliders or MIDI controllers.
-VJamm2 now has DirectX surface for it's display area and any resolution of clip can be used.
For extensive information on VJamm Pro, please visit CamArt's website.

VJPro costs 299 GBP + 38 courier shipping (UK pounds) from CamArt direct in the UK.
Purchasing from us, you get slightly lower prices, and a large package of VJ Loop CDR's.
As the exchange rates between GBP and USD have been fluctuating so drastically lately, we have updated our shopping cart buttons to bill directly in GBP to make things easier for us.  To see what the equivalent in USD is, please visit: www.xe.com/ucc/ 
When ordering, in the notes field for your order, please specify whether you would like a parallel or USB dongle.
Buy the standard Version of VJAMM for $ 30 - (comes with 2 free CD's (1400 MB of VJ Loops)  out of stock.
Buy VJamm Pro for 295 GBP + 35 for courier shipping (330 GBP total) - (comes with 12 free CD's of VJ Loops - over 8 GB !)
Special Student Offer: We're pleased to announce a special offer for students!  You can buy VJamm Pro for a discounted rate of: only 250 GBP  (you are required to fax, scan & email, or mail us a copy of your student ID)  Please email: vjamm@audiovisualizers.com if you are a student and interested in this very special offer.
If you don't have a credit card, you can't use the shopping cart buttons, in that case, please go to our other order form for alternative payment options.  


Support Resources:
-VJAMM egroup       Web or email based user feedback and discussion forum
-Email the creator! Russell of CamArt did most of the development for VJamm Pro.
-VJForums - VJ Software Area No VJAMM thread at the moment, but you can start one!


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